Why pallet gates improve work productivity

Why pallet gates improve work productivity

The pallet gate allows for the safe loading and unloading of pallets and stock at varying levels. For years, warehouses and storage facilities have been evolving and adapting to the various needs of their suppliers. Implementing new changes, floors, platforms and heights has meant that increased storage levels has also come with increased levels of potential injuries too.

In any workplace employees working at height must be risk assessed as highlighted in the recent Ajax whitepaper and control measures must be applied to ensure employee safety. The primary function of the pallet gate allows the safe loading and unloading of pallets and stock at various levels. The gates are designed to neatly fit on to a mezzanine platform and to act as a physical barrier to prevent workers falling during the unloading or loading process. The elimination of this fear in operators helps to improve efficiency and consequently improves employee productivity. Pallet gates are simple to operate, durable and provide the ultimate protection.

How else can pallet gates contribute to productivity?

  • Each pallet gate is calibrated to encourage a positive opening and closing action, supported with a locking mechanism to hold position and prevent spring-back injuries. The gates are designed for easy manual operation and have a proven track record for being extremely reliable when handling and storing materials.
  • All of the gates can be quickly installed with minimum disruption to the workflow as well as being maintenance free.
  • Pallet gates are versatile and can be easily adapted for use in entrances, platforms, mezzanine floors as well as loading bays
  • Incredibly reliable, durable and therefore leading to minimal repair work and costs
  • The swing arm pallet gate is a well-established model with a robust construction. The gate has side barrier panels and a double-sided gate that pivots, allowing for easy access to one side at a time. Not only does the swing arm pallet gate increase the safety profile it also makes the gate easily accessible for a seamless operation.
  • The more popular space saving roll-over pallet gate does exactly that, it takes up less than 800mm depth when not in use, therefore maximising available space

The technical team at Ajax have developed an extensive range of safe access solutions to improve productivity and support a safer working environment. For more information please email ajax@canalengineering.co.uk


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