What is a pallet gate and why do I need one?

What is a pallet gate and why do I need one?

A pallet gate is a special type of safety gate that protects workers from falls from height when loading and unloading. They are commonly used for mezzanine floors in warehouses and distribution centres.

How do pallet gates work?

A pallet gate will sit at the edge of the higher level, surrounded by guardrails and safety barriers that prevent goods or workers from falling off the edge.

The most important feature of a pallet gate is that it provides continual edge protection while it is in use. This enclosed gate system protects the open edge all points during the loading or unloading process.

When a pallet is loaded onto the mezzanine, the gate is swung open to allow access to the higher floor. As the gate lifts up, it simultaneously closes off the back section of the gate. This prevents workers from being able to access the open edge.

Once the goods are safely loaded onto the mezzanine, the gate is closed, blocking off the dangerous edge and opening up the mezzanine side to allow workers to access the pallet.

Take a look at this video from our parent company, Canal Engineering, to get a better idea of how a pallet gate works.

How is a pallet gate better than an edge gate?

Edge gates are a simple solution to the issue of requiring edge protection as well as accessibility. Unfortunately, simple goes not always mean safe.

While there are many different styles of openable edge safety protection such as swing gates, removable bars or chains, they usually need to be manually closed after use. This means that they can easily be left open, and an open gate does not provide protection.

What type of pallet gate do I need?

There are various different types of pallet gate, with a number of standard designs available. While some uses may be suitable for standard gates, you may require a bespoke solution to ensure safety, efficiency and convenience in your application.

You will also require a different type of pallet gate depending on how and where you will be loading.

You may be loading using a:

  • forklift
  • hoist
  • crane

to load:

  • onto a mezzanine
  • onto a platform
  • through a doorway
  • through an opening

It is also necessary to consider the available space in the loading area, such as height and depth, as well as the maximum height or width of the pallets will also be a factor when choosing the right pallet gate.

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