Top Loading Tanker Safe Access

Top Loading Tanker Safe Access

AJAX Safe Access has been busy manufacturing a number of Righthite Step Units for top loading tanker access with bespoke cage designs that are significantly larger than the standard AJAX safety cage. This new cage design is in place to protect workers in the hazardous and high level environments where they will be operating. The increased working area supplied by the cage allows the operator to move along the entire length of the tanker without the risk of falls from height.


The Step Units were constructed from mild steel and then galvanised for long lasting durability in harsh external environments. To compensate for the extra weight of the bespoke cages, AJAX fitted their pneumatics system to each Step Unit, which allowed the operator to have full control over the movement of the Units at all times.


The standard AJAX Righthite Step Units come in a range of sizes and tread widths to suit the variations of tanker and platform heights. The option of a Mobile Unit is also available for flexibility and increased manoeuvrability.



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