The Benefits Of Using Stainless Steel

The Benefits Of Using Stainless Steel

One of the most popular and durable metals used and adopted in modern society, stainless steel has been adopted in over 90% of commercial businesses. From hospital surgical wards to fine dining, this unique material can be fabricated and shaped into a significant number of tools, structures and machines – making it our most versatile metal yet.

But what makes stainless steel so popular, and why have so many industries chosen to invest in it?

Typically seen as an everyday metal, stainless steel is surprisingly resistant to any number of conditions and environments. High numbers of nickel alloy in its composition allow it to be protected against damage, such as scaling or corrosion, helping it to maintain its seamless properties.

The compounds of stainless steel make for a truly beneficial combination. With low graded alloys helping to defend the metal against corrosion from dangerous temperature extremes, and high graded alloys protecting it from most acids and alkalis, there’s very little that can distress stainless steel.

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From an industrial perspective – stainless steel is a great investment. Its durable properties make it a long-life material, one that can installed at the very start of a project and last until the very end. From construction to stationary, it’s a metal that is designed to last, and stay in perfect condition over time, so one that many businesses can rely upon.

Stainless steel is also the most hygienic metal, making it great for food preparation and medical purposes. Solid and sealed, it lacks the natural pores of other metals, which can pick up bacteria and germs and cause them to spread. This means that utensils can be used, easily cleaned and reused without the worry of infection.

What about in the home?

Even in domestic settings, stainless steel is a popular choice for kitchens, with many appliances, such as microwaves, kettles and ovens, being coated in the metal.
The non-reactive elements within the steel also prevent corrosion over time, allowing acidic foods and liquids to make contact without any damage to the appliance.

3 out 4 homeowners also prefer stainless steel due to its strength – it doesn’t rust, bend or snap, even after years of use. A stainless steel cutlery set, for example, could last through multiple family generations without ever losing its shine.

Even nicknamed as the ‘worry-free’ metal, stainless steel is a great choice all round, and one of our most popular everyday materials. Durable, versatile and hygienic, there is very little it cannot do.

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