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Safe Access for the Port of Dover

Safety is a priority in the marine travel industry and daily maintenance of ferry components is crucial. Recently, AJAX got called up to produce a double platform access unit for the docks in Dover. The platform will be installed underneath the ferry drive-on ramps to maintain the ramp hydraulics of every ferry that comes into port.


Surrounded by the daily rigors of a harsh marine environment, the logical choice was to construct the access unit out of aluminium. Along with its corrosive resistant properties, the aluminium construction reduces the overall weight of the unit significantly whilst maintaining a substantial amount of structural strength. As the double platforms of the access unit are to be operated manually by the maintenance team, the reduced weight allows each platform to be moved with ease without the need of pneumatics that, in the harsh conditions, could cause maintenance issues.


The secret of the success of the access unit is the custom-made wheels that assist the platform sliders, these were fabricated with stainless steel bearings and polyurethane wheels. Together, these two components create a wheel ideally suited to the harsh environment; specifically designed to resist corrosion. To complete the construction of the access unit, the moving platforms and the stationary base have glass reinforced plastic (GRP) floor gratings; these provide the operator with a solid, impact resistant surface from which to carry out all maintenance procedures.

AJAX Safe Access has now produced many manual and pneumatic moving platforms with all-round protection providing bespoke safe access solutions for specific situations.


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