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Mining is the process of extracting buried material from below the earth’s surface and quarrying refers to extracting materials directly from the surface. These materials produced are essential to our everyday lives, providing the construction materials to building roads, delivering vital minerals to agriculture and supporting electricity.

However, the HSE sates that quarrying is considered one of the most precarious industries and working environments of all sectors. Approximately 3,500 employees on these sites have suffered a reportable injury with some of these cases proving fatal since 2000. A majority of these accidents occur during maintenance work, use of vehicles, fixed machinery and falls from height. These often occur during the cleaning and adjustment of machinery whilst running or during the setup of equipment or gaining access to road tanker pots.

The Quarries Regulations 1999 seeks to protect employees through health and safety policies and risk assessments. Other codes of practice used to support safer working environments in quarries and mining include The Work at Height Regulations 2005 as highlighted in the Ajax whitepaper. Quarries need to be regularly inspected and risk assessed, all employers and self-employed contractors must assess working at height risk measures and applicable standards.

Ajax has a range of solutions for hazardous quarrying and mining environments to support safer working through safer access. Our solutions include tanker loading and platform access, mobile step units as well as gantries, walkways and platforms. The robust Tanker Truck Access Platforms are supplied with handrails that run from the top fixed step to the last moving step. Each unit also has the option of a full safety cage, which is attached to the step unit and provides an enclosed working area for maximum  safety. The Righthite mobile step unit is ideal for gaining safe access to tanker loading and high-level vehicle maintenance applications. The unit has been specifically designed in compliance with BS 5395-3:1985 code of practice for stairs, ladders and walkways

In addition, all solutions are manufactured and constructed to the highest quality for long lasting performance and to provide many years of maintenance free operation; to cope with harsh outdoor conditions. Ajax understands the challenges you face and provides you with the experience and technical proficiency you need to deliver a custom-made access solution for your environment.

“I’m very happy with the project; it has increased our safety profile in area neglected in the design of the plant”

Stewart Buckingham

Operations Manager, FCC Environment

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