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An essential ingredient to the successful running of a railway is a well-maintained system. Often this means employees gaining access at height for maintenance and repairs. Falls from height is one of the leading causes of injury and deaths in the construction industry, this is also applicable to the rail industry. The failure to follow safety codes, equipment fatigue and operator errors are the primary cause of accidents within the industry.

Essential maintenance and repairs works are easily accessible via mobile step units. The units require minimum effort to operate and manoeuvre due to their heavy-duty locking wheels. Each unit has a full safety cage as standard and provides an enclosed working area for maximum safety at height. These units are ideal for the environment as the units can be moved into position and locked into place using the rubber locking wheels. For uneven or sloping surfaces, the step unit has adjustable stabilisers either side to cater for the gradient.

Ajax solutions are ideally suited due to the extensive experience in providing fail-safe solutions for the rail industry. Ajax provides the technical ability and experience you need to deliver an applicable access solution for the rail industry.

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