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Pallet Gate Safety Barriers

Don’t fall off the edge! Load safely at height.

Ajax Pallet Gates have been designed for the ever-increasing demand in pallet movement, which can accommodate either single or double width pallet sizes.

The construction of the Gates provide the necessary all-round edge protection to prevent injury and create a safe working environment at height. The Pallet Gates help eliminate the hazard of falls from height, which is one of the most common cause of injury in the workplace.


The Pallet Gates are British manufactured from mild steel, at the Nottingham manufacturing site, and powder coated yellow to BS 08E51 or galvanised to BS 729 to cope with harsh exterior conditions.

For food and drink industries where hygiene is imperative and corrosive elements are present, the Pallet Gate construction can be completely manufactured from stainless steel.

Easy Use and Reliable Operation

You don’t have to be superhuman to operate the Gates!

The spring assisted Gates are designed for easy manual operation and have a proven track record for being reliable when handling and storing materials onto various levels including;

  • Mezzanine floors
  • High level boarding platforms
  • Hoisting platforms
  • Temporary landing stages
  • Entrances and doorways
  • Loading bays and docking stations

The Ajax Pallet Gates have a counterbalance operation supported with a locking mechanism to hold its position preventing spring-back injuries.

Ajax offer two different Pallet Gate designs to suit your working environment and your pallet loads: The Roll Over Pallet Gate and the Swing Arm Pallet Gate.

Space Saving Roll Over Pallet Gate

Download PDF: Space Saving Roll Over Pallet Gate Technical Data Sheet

For an area with restricted floor space, the Roll Over Pallet Gate is ideal. Its design allows for the loading and unloading of goods, while only using half the floor space of the pallet load when in its closed position.

A minimum height clearance of 2530mm is required to operate the Gate.

Video: Demonstration of the Space Saving Roll Over Pallet Gate in action with a load.

Heavy Duty Swing Arm Pallet Gate

Download PDF: Heavy Duty Swing Arm Pallet Gate Technical Data Sheet

The Swing Arm Pallet Gate has a more robust construction compared to the Roll Over Pallet Gate. This is useful if the working environment is subjected to vehicular factory traffic where impact may occur.

Although the Swing Arm Gate requires nearly double the amount of floor space compared to the Roll Over, its different operation style only requires a minimum height clearance of 2200mm to operate.

Video: Demonstration of the Heavy Duty Swing Arm Pallet Gate in action with a load.

Installation & Instruction

With every Pallet Gate, Ajax has the following services on offer;

  • Supply only – complete with full installation instructions
  • Full installation and commissioning
  • Staff training and instructions
  • Annual inspection and maintenance

Bespoke Pallet Gate Safety Barrier Designs

All of the standard Ajax Pallet Gate Safety Barriers are complemented by our ability to customise them to suit your non-standard operations and requirements.

Many of our customers have received a bespoke Pallet Gate to cater for their industry demands. For example, Ajax fabricated and installed their Roll Over Pallet Gate with a custom folding side for a warehouse loading bay.

Not only did the warehouse have limited floor space, but it also had an unfortunately positioned loading entrance, which was very close to the floor edge.

Project: Bespoke Folding Pallet Gate for Warehouse Mezzanine

Expert Advice on Pallet Gates

If you are unsure which Pallet Gate Safety Barrier is the right one for your environment, or if your pallet load size is outside of the parameters displayed in the technical data sheets, contact the Ajax Technical Sales Team today.

You will be glad you did!

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