Mobile Step Unit

Mobile Step Unit

A highly manoeuvrable bespoke step unit ideal for gaining safe access for tanker loading and high level vehicle maintenance applications (the unit is also available with outriggers)

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Mobile Platform Ladders

Ajax Mobile Platform Ladders and Extendible Step Units have been designed to provide a safe working environment for workers who need to gain access to areas at various heights from the ground.

Each Mobile Tanker Access Step Unit has been designed for areas where floor space is considered to be at a premium and a fixed unit is not suitable.

The Step Units require minimum effort to operate and manoeuvre due to their have heavy-duty locking wheels.

Each Unit also has a full safety cage as standard, which is attached to the Step Unit platform and provides an enclosed working area for maximum safety at height.

There are two designs to choose from depending on your access requirements; the counter-balance design and the outrigger design.


The Mobile Step Units have a robust yet lightweight construction, which are manufactured from mild steel and coated in a hot dipped galvanised. This method completely protects the Unit from any harsh environmental elements, making it suitable for both corrosive and chemical conditions.

The Mobile Platforms Ladders and the safety cage are both fabricated from aluminium, which combined with the body of the Step Unit, gives excellent structural strength and manoeuvrability. The safety cage has a yellow powder coated finish (BS 08E51) for maximum visibility in low light conditions.

For high-risk petrochemical environments, the Step Units can be supplied with comprehensive documentation to give evidence that all components and materials of each Unit fully complies with the latest ATEX Directives (94/9/EC). As we design and fabricate here in Nottingham we are able to offer a bespoke design service if you have exacting needs.


The Mobile Step Units sit in a retracted position when not in use or while manoeuvring the Unit. Once the Unit is in front of its desired position, the height of the ladder can be adjusted using the mechanical winch slightly higher than the platform the operator wishes to access.

  • Minimum Access Height: 3500mm
  • Maximum Access Height: 4500mm

Video: Demonstration of the extendable ladder on the Outrigger Mobile Step Unit.

The Step Unit can then be moved into position and locked in place using the rubber locking wheels. For uneven or sloping surfaces, the Step Unit has adjustable stabilisers either side to cater for the gradient.

The adjustable ladder is then winched back down onto the platform ready to be used by the operator.

The safety rails and non-slip rungs of the mobile platform ladders will assist the operator in climbing the Step Unit safely.

Video: Demonstration showing the ease of handling, operation and manoeuvrability of the Step Unit. The Mobile Step Unit is not designed for commercials vehicles.

Outrigger Vs Counter-Balance Design

Mobile Access Steps

Photo: (Left) Outrigger Mobile Step Unit and (Right) Counter-Balance Mobile Step Unit

Both Mobile Access Step Units provide the same safe access result, with only the design of the construction being the difference.

The Outrigger Mobile Step Unit has its feet positioned forwards, which can roll underneath a construction, vehicle or other objects the operator is required to access.

The Counter-Balance Mobile Step Unit has its feet positioned backwards, with the addition of a triangle construction either side which acts as a counter-balance when an operator is in action. This design option is recommended when a construction, vehicle or other objects the operator is required to access has a minimum floor clearance or no clearance at all.

Download PDF: Outrigger and Counter-Balance Mobile Step Units Technical Data Sheet


The Mobile Step Unit has a wide range of uses due to its manoeuvrability and adjustable ladder reach. Many clients use the Mobile Step Unit for more than one use. Mobile platform ladders and Mobile access steps offer a safe and convenient way for gantry access and tanker access.

Some access applications include:

  • Barrel Tankers
  • ISO Tankers
  • High-Level Maintenance Platforms
  • Mezzanine Floors
  • Variable Height Platforms

Installation & Instruction

With every Mobile Access Steps Unit and Extendible Step Unit, Ajax has the following services on offer (please request further information at time of order)

  • Full installation and commissioning
  • Staff training and instructions
  • Annual inspection and maintenance

Bespoke Mobile Platform Ladders

All of the standard Ajax Mobile Steps and mobile platform ladders are complemented by our ability to customise them to suit your non-standard operations and requirements.

A handful of our customers have received bespoke Mobile Steps to cater to their industry demands. We are experienced in manufacturing access steps and platforms.

For example, Ajax fabricated and delivered a gigantic version of their Counter-Balance Step Unit for Amey. The Mobile Step Unit was used for the maintenance of high-level railway electrics, while 3 smaller platforms assisted operators with the loading of cement into top loading railway tankers.

Project: Gigantic Mobile Step Unit for Amey

Expert Advice on Extending and Mobile Access Steps

If you are unsure which Mobile Access Steps Unit is the right one for you, or if you have dimensions outside of the standard parameters displayed in the technical data sheets, contact the Ajax Technical Sales Team today. All Mobile Platform Ladders and Access Steps are manufactured at Canal Engineering’s headquarters in Nottingham.

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