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Bridging Access Platforms

Ajax Bridging Access Platforms are typically designed to bridge the gap between a loading bay and a vehicle load bed when loading and unloading goods. Ajax are experienced in manufacturing bespoke Loading Dock Platforms, Dock Levellers and Dock Loading Plates.

The Platforms are used extensively in warehouse loading docks and distribution centres to help keep operators safe when loading and unloading at height.

Project: Bridging Access Platforms Installed for Warburton


The Bridging Access Platforms have a robust construction, which is fabricated from mild steel and coated in a hot dipped galvanised. This method completely protects the Unit from any harsh environmental elements, making it suitable for both corrosive and chemical conditions. Ajax can manufacture your warehouse dock plates to suit your needs.

In addition, the Loading Dock Platforms have an aluminium non-slip tread plate decking for an improved safety underfoot when walking across the surface in dry and wet conditions. Ajax has a range of experience in manufacturing loading dock platforms and Dock Levellers.


The drop range of motion that the Bridging Platform has is ideal for vehicles with varied load bed heights. The Platforms can drop below a horizontal position allowing lower load bed vehicles to still have safe access.

For an easy operation, the Platforms are gas strut assisted and are available with fixed or folding handrails as an optional extra, for improved safety.

  • Bridging Platform Reach: 1250mm – 1700mm
  • Maximum Load Width: 850mm

Download PDF: Bridging Access Platforms Technical Data Sheet

Installation & Instruction

With every Bridging Access Platform, Ajax has the following services on offer;

  • Supply only – complete with full installation instructions
  • Full installation and commissioning
  • Staff training and instructions
  • Annual inspection and maintenance

Bespoke Loading Dock Platforms and Bridging Platforms Designs

All of the standard Ajax Bridging Platforms are complemented by our ability to customise them to suit your non-standard operations and requirements.

A handful of our customers have received a bespoke Bridging Platform to cater to their industry demands. We have served a number of commercial and industrial industries creating the best warehouse loading solutions for them. Loading dock platforms offer a safe and efficient way to unload a trailer or vehicle. Dock levellers are an ideal solution to bridge the height between a vehicle and loading bays. Ajax is experienced in manufacturing bespoke steel loading dock platforms. Warehouse Dock Plates, boards and ramps are used in a variety of different industries to increase warehouse safety.

For example, Ajax fabricated delivered and installed 4 pneumatic linear moving drop platforms for a customer who needed safe access to their vehicles in their recycling area. These platforms protected operators from falling into large screw feeds where recycled waste would be deposited as part of their new Greener Energy Policy.

Project: Pneumatic Platforms for Greener Energy

Video: Demonstration of the bespoke pneumatic Linear drop platform in action at our Manufacturing Site in Nottingham before being delivered.


Loading Dock Platforms - Warehouse Dock Plates

Expert Advice on Bridging Access Platforms

If you are unsure which Platform or Warehouse Dock Plate is the right one for you, or if you have dimensions outside of the standard parameters displayed in the technical data sheets, contact the Ajax Technical Sales Team today. Our team is based at the Canal Engineering manufacturing headquarters in Nottingham.

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