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Bespoke Access Systems, Stairs & Platforms

In addition to the standard range of safe access products, Ajax can offer their in-house design and fabrication services to create Bespoke Access Platforms to meet your safe access requirements.

The standard range of Ajax Safe Access products can be customised to suit your non-standard operations, or an entirely new bespoke access system can be made.

For high-risk petrochemical environments, all bespoke systems can be supplied with comprehensive documentation to give evidence that all components and materials of each system fully complies with the latest ATEX Directives (94/9/EC).

Site Survey, Design and Fabrication

Whether you require a new system or you have a current safety concern with an existing system, our experienced staff will arrange with you to visit your site to survey the location and/or the current system.

With a wealth of knowledge in safe access systems, the design team can accurately draw and create a bespoke solution to your custom requirements and demonstrate how the system will perform before any fabrication commences.

Once approved, the fabrication team will work closely with the design team and their drawings to fabricate and test your new safe access system at our manufacturing site in Nottingham.

Operation and Fail Safe

Depending on the operation of the system, Ajax is able to incorporate pneumatics, hydraulics and electrics for a more efficient and easier operation. This is usually recommended is the system is large and heavy, and the safety of the operator is high risk.

Ajax can also incorporate fail-safe features into your bespoke access system including;

  • Interlocks
  • Speed Controls
  • Automatic Locking Devices
  • Tilt Features
  • Folding Features

Industrial Staircases and Bespoke Access Platforms

Along with the standard products and bespoke access systems, Ajax also has the ability to fabricate bespoke stairs and bespoke access platforms for your site.

Whether you require a stairway to your Folding Step Unit or you require bespoke stairs to your new platform, Ajax is able to provide the full service; eliminating the need for extra suppliers.

Many of our customers have opted for the full service. The project below is an example of a safe access package Ajax can offer, which consists of a fully galvanised steel platform, an access staircase and a Fixed Folding Step Unit complete with a full safety cage. At Ajax, we also offer a range of Mobile and Extendible Step Units which are ideal for tanker access.

Bespoke Access Platforms

Photo: Staircase, Railings, Platform and MK4 Folding Step Unit with Safety Cage.

Installation & Instruction

With every bespoke project, Ajax has the following services on offer;

  • Supply only – complete with full installation instructions
  • Full installation and commissioning
  • Staff training and instructions
  • Annual inspection and maintenance

Expert Advice on Bespoke Access Platforms and Systems

If you are unsure how to solve your safety issue and you would like to discuss the details with an expert, contact the Ajax Technical Sales Team today. Ajax is based at the Canal Engineering headquarters in Nottingham.

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