Pneumatic Step Unit for Mineral and Chemical Processing Company

Pneumatic Step Unit for Mineral and Chemical Processing Company


A global producer and distributor of industrial minerals and specialty chemicals required a safe access system for their employees when working at height. The company required a durable access system which is easy to operate and requires little maintenance, whilst providing a safe working environment.

Over the years this company have approached Ajax for their high quality bespoke access systems and have previously installed many safe system in the past at various depot sites. The mineral and specialty chemical producer reached out to Ajax once again for their expertise in safe access.

Firstly, Ajax arranged a site visit to survey the location and the current safety concerns. After the site visit Ajax suggested the most effective and efficient solution to maximise safety around the workplace.

After the consultation, Ajax fabricated and installed a pneumatic step unit mark 4 with the latest Camozzi control system to access numerous height variations as well as a more efficient operation.

To suit certain specifications and requirements, 800mm wide treads for the step unit along with a bespoke safety cage to remove the risks of falls when loading and unloading at height. In addition, Ajax also installed a bespoke access platform and gantry.

To ensure a long lasting durable systems, the step unit, gantry and access platform were fabricated out of mild steel which was then hot dip galvanized to prevent rusting. Ajax ensure that all safe systems are fabricated to the highest quality for long lasting durability and years of minimum maintenance.

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