Platform to Greener Energy

Platform to Greener Energy

The AJAX Safe Access team has been busy this month manufacturing four bespoke pneumatic linear moving drop platforms for a company that will use them in a recycling area that is part of their new Greener Energy Policy.

The new pneumatic safety platforms will be positioned in-line with their ‘Discharge Booth’, where large screw feeds operate taking disposed recycled waste away. The platforms will provide the operator with a safe working zone over the screw feeds, allowing access the rear doors of vehicles parked in the ‘Discharge Booth’.

View new Bespoke Pneumatic Linear Moving Drop Platform in Operation

When a vehicle is stationary in the ‘Discharge Booth’ an air-curtain seals the rear of the vehicle preventing dust exposure to surrounding workers. The ‘Discharge Booth’ doors can then be opened, allowing the pneumatic platform to be extracted into the booth area and dropped down with assisted gas struts allowing safe access to the rear of the vehicle. Once the vehicle doors are open, the platform is retracted and the booth doors shut. The disposal of the recycled waste from the vehicle is assisted by a conveyor belt. Whilst the recycled waste is being emptied into the screw feeds, the ‘Discharge Booth’ remains sealed, protecting surrounding workers from dust and debris. On completion of the task, the pneumatic platform can be used to inspect the vehicle and close its doors.


The Pneumatic Drop Platform in stationary position (left) and in operation inside the ‘Discharge Booth’ (right) creating a platform over the screw feeds.

As part of the company’s Greener Energy Policy, the recycled waste will be used to help fuel their current operations and reduce their use of non-renewable energy sources.


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