How to minimise common risks when working at heights

How to minimise common risks when working at heights

Working at heights can be done extremely safely when the correct procedures and equipment are used. Despite this, there are still many injuries each year as a direct result from working at height. The most likely causes of injuries come from; using ladders incorrectly, overstretching while using stepped equipment and using the incorrect equipment such as benches or chairs to assist while working at heights.

One of the key ways you can minimise the risk of injury is by correctly planning and using the correct equipment that is required for the job. Ajax can assist with this as our trained staff will do an on-site visit in order to give the best advice on what equipment would be the best for your situation. Allowing your workers to complete the job safely.

As ladders and stepladders are one of the main causes of injuries when working at heights, Ajax has manufactured a range of mobile and fixed step units that require minimum effort to operate and manoeuvre. These can be manufactured to suit your needs to ensure the common risk of people overstretching when using steps is eliminated.

Mobile and Extendible Step Units

Falls are one of the most common causes of injuries and can lead to the worst types of injuries, using the correct equipment to minimise the risk of falls is crucial for any business where their employees work at heights. Ajax has a range of pallet gates and bespoke access platforms designed to the risk of falls and creates a safe working environment.


Ajax manufactures a range of bespoke safety products designed with safety at the forefront to ensure the minimal risk while working at heights. Contact us today to find out how we can offer bespoke solutions to your companies needs.

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