Gigantic Bespoke Access for Railway Loading

Gigantic Bespoke Access for Railway Loading


AJAX Safe Access has been busy manufacturing a number of bespoke mobile access units to protect workers in hazardous and high level environments operating around railway lines. The company Amey approached AJAX with the task of fabricating a giant mobile access platform and three smaller mobile maintenance platforms to assist with cement top loading into railway tankers and electrifications maintenance.

Amey works with public and regulated sector clients to help create better places to live, work, and travel. With the same working outlook, AJAX accepted the project and began fabricating the units at their UK manufacturing site in Nottingham. Once built, the main platform stood a huge 4.5m tall becoming the largest mobile access platform fabricated by AJAX to date. All of the platforms on the units were tested to 200kg and specially manufactured toeing hitches installed for forklift trucks or other operating vehicles to manoeuvre the mobile units with ease.

Due to the size of the main unit, it was constructed in sections for better transportation. The mild steel units were sent to be fully galvanised protecting them in harsh environments and then transported to the railway site where they were fully assembled ready for use.


Photograph (left) demonstrating the size of the mobile platform compared to the size of our male workshop fabricator



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