Counter Balance Raises the Bar for AJAX Safe Access

Counter Balance Raises the Bar for AJAX Safe Access

The AJAX Safe Access team has just completed the installation of this bespoke eight metre long loading gantry to provide the ultimate in safe access for the workforce. The gantry spans the full length of a tanker vehicle and has a series of hinged trap doors allowing access along the length of a stationary tanker.

As there was no electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic power available on site the AJAX design team developed a new, unique counter balance system to raise and lower the gantry.


The engineering within the counter balance allows the platform to be suspended by a cable and pulley system with the counter balance weight being precisely calculated to hoist the platform to its upper starting position and then lowering onto the tanker when an operator applies their own weight.

To complete this project, the AJAX team also manufactured and installed two six metre road barriers with an interlocking system: Fitted to both barriers and the gantry, the interlocking system means it is impossible for a tanker to drive off unless the platform is safely in its raised position.

In our many years of experience, tanker drive-off is the most common cause of damage to loading equipment and, potentially, the operators. The client is extremely pleased with the design of this complete project, its contribution to improve on site safety and its ease of operation.


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