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The main purpose of a chemical plant is to create new material resources through chemical or biological modification and the classification of substances. The operational condition of a chemical plant means that the environment can become combustible, toxic, corrosive and precarious.

Finding ways to reduce the risk of accidents and implementing fall prevention strategies are critical to workplace safety. Most accidents in chemical plants are from a result of human error or complacency that often occur during the maintenance of plant or safety equipment. The installation of custom equipment is an important step in reducing the risk of injury. All falls and injuries are likely to occur when loading and unloading takes place in an area without fall protection equipment.

The installation of pallet gates in a chemical processing plant provides adequate protection to employees. If there is an opening on the mezzanine, this enables employees to safely load items from a height with no need to stand by an open edge. Safety pallet gates are required for forklift access whilst separating personnel from the platform edge and moving pallets.  All pallet gates can be offered in mild steel PPC, Galv. or stainless steel.

The Ajax Safe Access mobile pneumatic step unit is also applicable to tanker loading and platform access. The tanker truck access platforms are supplied with handrails that run from the top fixed step to the last moving step. Each unit has the option of full safety cage which is attached to the step unit and provides an enclosed working area for maximum safety. The fixed tanker access platforms have a robust construction, manufactured from highest quality mild steel and hot dipped galvanised or can be offered in stainless steel.

Ajax understands the strictest safety standards and protocol should be followed within chemical processing environments. All Ajax solutions are customised to suit your environment, for more information on improving the safety profile within your plant email

“The Ajax team delivered a successful installation that has improved safety at Lincoln EFW greatly but also operated safely themselves. They reacted well to the challenges that sprang up during the install and should be commended for that”

Blair Ward

Graduate Management Trainee, FCC Environment

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