Bespoke Pallet Gate for Warehouse Mezzanine

Bespoke Pallet Gate for Warehouse Mezzanine

Ajax Safe Access have recently taken their standard Roll Over Pallet Gate Barrier and made an important modification to meet the clients bespoke specification.

With limited space between the opening of their mezzanine and the doorway where the loading and unloading of goods will be transported through, Ajax designed one side of their Pallet Gate construction to fold in on itself.


This unique space saving idea was tested in the Ajax manufacturing facility before being transported to the warehouse unit and installed.

Now installed, single pallet width loads can be easily loaded and unloaded onto the mezzanine with the confidence that every staff member working at height will be protected from falling.

After unloading the pallet, the operative can close the side gate to maximise their floor space to manoeuvre the pallet through the doorway while maintaining safety in the warehouse.



Standard Roll Over Pallet Gate in Action:

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