Benefits of bespoke access platforms

Benefits of bespoke access platforms

Bespoke access platforms are the ideal solution to meet your companies safety needs. The main benefit of using Ajax as your access platform fabricator is the flexibility we can offer in design. We offer a wide range of access platform products that can be used in a number of industries and sectors.

Safety remains the main priority for all bespoke access platforms. To ensure the safety of using our products we send a team of experienced staff to survey the site location and any current systems you use. We also use this to plan and design the installation process to ensure as minimal disruption as possible during the fitting stage.

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We have experience in fabricating bespoke access platforms for industries across a range of sectors and for businesses of all sizes. Ajax provides the full service; site survey, design, manufacturing and installation this eliminates the need for extra suppliers. This will be very time effective for your company, many of our customers have opted for the full service from Ajax.

We understand all industries require different products this is the main reason we offer bespoke products away from our standard designs. We design these products to be long-lasting in your industry. We do this by using materials that have excellent strength and that are most likely to avoid corrosion.

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The bespoke access platforms we design allow you to safely access otherwise difficult to reach areas. We fabricate products that can be used as; Tanker access platforms, Warehouse platforms, aircraft and train fueling platforms and products to serve many more scenarios. We are experienced in fabricating products that can provide safe access over plant equipment, level changes and pipework. Our experienced team will be able to provide you with an overview of the best products available to match your requirements.

Visit our bespoke access platforms page to see examples of our past work. If you are unsure how to solve your safety issue or unsure about which products are right for you feel free to contact us. A technical expert will discuss your needs in details and give you a solution to your problem.

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