AJAX Bespoke Pneumatic Lifting Platform

AJAX Bespoke Pneumatic Lifting Platform

AJAX products are recognised globally for unparalleled British quality and precision so when Thor Quimicos of Mexico required a pneumatic actuator platform they knew where to turn to. Thor specialise in the production and supply of a wide range of biocides, flame retardants and personal care ingredients. They too are widely regarded as the market leader within their field and due to the nature of some of their products, safety is of the upmost importance during production.

AJAX have an ever increasing strong reputation for quality in supplying safe access systems for specialist industries. Here, our bespoke service allowed Thor to address a unique issue in their processing area. AJAX created a pneumatic lifting system to provide access to an industrial dyer in their facility in Mexico.

Once drawings were approved, the engineers at AJAX created a platform with two actuators ensuring a strong and smooth motion. The steel supports and platform underwent a hot dipped galvanising process, followed by pre treatment and white paint to ensure every surface was able to handle the potentially toxic exposure in the factory. A built-in control panel allows for simple and efficient operation of the pneumatic actuators.

>  Dimensions: 3m Wide x 1.8m Depth.

Location of the pneumatic actuator within platform

Here the video illustrates the smooth operation of the platform during testing in our Nottingham based factory, prior to galvanising.



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