A guide to safe access health & safety

Those who work in environments that require safe access products are those who are most likely to have an accident in the workplace. Safe access products minimise this risk as much as possible; however, it is still possible for incidents to occur. This is why it’s extremely important businesses understand what products they need and undergo risk assessments with experienced companies such as Ajax.

Some of the most common injuries in these environments are caused by;

  • Poor manual handling or carrying
  • Being hit by a vehicle
  • Falling objects
  • Fall from heights

All these injuries can be avoided by using the correct equipment and ensuring safe are informed about how to avoid these incidents.

Poor manual handling or carrying

In physical labour environments, one of the biggest causes of back problems and injuries is poor manual handling. Although not usually classed as high-risk it does present a risk and it is important all workers who carry out any manual handling consider 4 main factors before doing so. The weight of the objects, the environment it is being carried in, the distance it is required to be carried and the worker’s capability to carry the object. Ajax offers a range of loading products to minimise the risk to workers when unloading or loading goods.

Being hit by a vehicle

Injuries from moving vehicles equal around 25% of injuries in a warehouse environment. As a general rule, these are normally more serious injuries in the workplace.

To minimise the risk of this it is highly important all worksites have traffic routes designed for the safety of their workers.

When gaining access to tankers and heavy good vehicles for tasks such as refuelling it is important to use mobile access steps.

Falling objects

Falling objects can cause a lot of issues in the workplace, alongside the threat of the objects they can also lead to falls and further injuries and threats. All fittings and fixtures should be checked and ensure they never exceeded their maximum load weight. When collecting objects from heights it is important to use the correct style of ladders and step units.

Falls from heights

Falls from heights is the cause for the most serious injuries at the workplace this is why it’s extremely important you take the correct precautions to minimise the risk of this. It is important your site undergoes an on-site risk assessment where an expert can advise you to what products are best suited for your situation. At Ajax, we offer bespoke solutions to your problems to ensure the maximum safety of your workers.

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