The Features and Benefits of Pallet Gates

For years, warehouses and storage facilities have been evolving and adapting to the various needs of their suppliers. Implementing new changes, floors, platforms and heights has meant that increased storage levels now also come with increased levels of worker injury and the potential for falls and slips.

With the risk of damage to both human life and product quality interrupting workflows, pallet gates were installed to help prevent these incidents. Available in a variety of styles, designs, fits and even colours, they have been a popular choice for industrial warehouses across the country.

Designed to neatly fit in against a mezzanine platform, the gates prevent gaps in existing structure, blocking off potential danger spaces whilst still being usable for transporting goods.

Pallet Gate









So what are the features of a Pallet Gate?

  • Secure steel structure for lightweight installation and use
  • Cycle testing for durability
  • Easy and fast on-site installation
  • Can be used in entrances, platforms, mezzanine floors and loading bays
  • For food and drink industries, stainless steel is a popular option for hygienic cleaning
  • Secure locking mechanism to prevent spring-back injuries

The pallet gates are tested in a number of environments, from damp, sea-faring conditions to intense cold and frost. Their durability and continued protection in these elements in one of their most popular features. Generally used for the protection of workers, pallet gates can also provide safety for visitors, inspects and other ‘non-warehouse’ employees, no matter what the weather.

What are the benefits of a Pallet Gate?

  • Easy to maintain
  • Increased employee protection without disrupting the structure of your warehouse
  • Versatility depending on the available space and design of platform
  • Incredibly reliable and durable without huge expense
  • Can be designed to compliment work space and diverse workflows
  • Galvanised paint to cope with harsh working conditions

There are so many benefits to working with pallet gates, from their adaptability to their security functions.

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